Free MP to monitor Lenovo (IBM) Servers

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If you’ve used the Lenovo or IBM hardware management pack, you’ll notice that some features are quite lacking. The monitoring of the blade chassis work fine as it is standard SNMP, but the IMM monitoring (which is Lenovo’s equivalent of HP’s ILO or Dell’s IDRAC) leaves much to be desired.
In other words, the standard hardware management pack lacks monitoring for individual blade nodes or servers.

Luckily the IMM boards of Lenovo servers are approachable through SNMP. Allowing me to create a little management pack to fill that ‘monitoring gap’.
As this MP works through SNMP, you’ll have to configure each Lenovo IMM board to send traps to SCOM as well as allow SCOM to pull SNMP data from the IMM boards.

All the monitors contained in the MP are SNMP trap based, so keep in mind that you’ll have to reset the monitor after the issue has been resolved. This is also reflected in the alert description. An example alert looks like this:

Device sent a trap concerning a critical hard disk drive failure.
The error message is: The Drive 0 has been disabled due to a detected fault.
Verify on the webinterface (IP: if the problem is current and reset the monitor in SCOM after the error has been resolved

The management pack contains the following monitors:

IBM Other Hardware Monitor
Warning Power Monitor
Warning  Fan Monitor
Warning Memory Monitor
Warning CPU Monitor
Warning  Temperature Monitor
Predictive Failure Trap Monitor
System Boot Monitor
Critical Voltage Monitor
Critical Temperature Monitor
Critical Hard Disk Monitor
Critical Memory Monitor
Critical CPU Monitor
Critical Fan Monitor
Warning Voltage Monitor
Critical Power Monitor

Management Pack can be downloaded here

Here are the instructions on how to set this management pack up:

In my case I had to monitor about ~130 Lenovo hosts. As I did not want to go through configuring every Lenovo host through the web console, I decided to write a little script that does the SNMP configuration for me. The script reads a text file containing the names of the hosts and enables SNMP (v1-2), and forwards traps to SCOM.
For this to work, you’ll need a user that is defined on all IMM boards. The script is designed to work with 2 management servers, however it can be easily adjusted to work with more (or less) management servers.
Script can be found here.

Here’s an example of how to run the script:

.\Update-IMMSMNPConfig.ps1 -serverpath “C:\servers.txt” -communitystring “public” -username “admin” -companyname “Contoso” -mgip1 “” -mgip2 “”

The output looks like this:2017-08-08 16_46_01-Clipboard

Once you’ve added the IMM boards as network devices in SCOM, they will show under the folder Lenovo IMM Monitoring in the Operations Console, or you can create a dashboard in Squared Up.
2017-08-09 - Remote Desktop Connection

2017-08-09 15_36_36-Physical Server Overview - Squared Up

As always, I would recommend testing the MP in test before using it in production. I have tested this MP with different types of Lenovo servers succesfully. However, keep in mind that this MP only works with IMM v2.

Good luck with the setup, and if you have any issues, feel free to comment or contact me.

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