Quick Tip: SCOM Resource Pool failures due to backups.

Hello Everyone,

Just a quick tip, I was having issues at a customer where every night during backup, the resource pools would become unavailable.
When this occurs, your distributed applications and other agentless managed objects will become red/grey depending on the health rollup. This was very annoying, because it made the people in the control room panick as they saw all their applications become critical on the dashboard.

The reason why the resource pool became unavailable was that the snapshot took too long to complete which caused the other management servers to fail over everything that was on the management server that was being backupped.
This would then happen again when another management server was being backupped.

The SCOM management servers were running on Hyper-V 2012 R2 in this case. The backup was a snapshot done by Netbackup (v7.7)

However, the Hyper-V integration services had never been updated, neither on the host or on the VM itself.  After updating both the management servers and their underlying Hyper-V hosts with KB3172614, the issue did not reoccur.

I would always recommend updating the integration services on your VM’s / Hyper-V hosts, as this could lead to numerous backup failures otherwise.

On Server 2016 this issue has been resolved as integration services updates are being pushed through Windows Update.

Best regards,



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